Hi hi and welcome to my little piece of the world. :)

  You have stumbled upon the pages of Me, welcome please come in, make yourself at home. This little spot on the internet is all ours and we enjoy this space very much, here you will find all of the things that bring a smile to our faces and we hope that some of them will do the same for you.

  Colors and the magic of the world around us, computers and photography, playing games with our pet and learning new skills for life, Age-Play. Speaking out in hopes that someone might be able to gain something from our words that were once our experiences.

  These are some of the things that you will find within the walls of this space. Be cautioned there are areas not for the faint of heart for not all in the world is for the kindest of our spirits and this site is after all Mary's World.

  But everything you find within this little piece of the world is about me and lifestyle I have chosen the medium of story telling to help me to gain a foothold onto recovery from my past abuse so while not every single word in the stories you will find within the pages here the stories were all written with me and what happened to me in mind in some way.

Some of the stories were much more closer to my unfortunate reality then others and it is those stories that I will caution you on reading as they can be hard to stomach. The names of the people in the stories were all changed to protect innocent people around me at that time period of my life. But those stories are not all that make up my world and if you are wishing to find out what does than please feel free to come in and visit Mary's World.

Blessed be and have a terrific day! :)